Lara Mori, balance beam silver medallist: “An incredible support from the audience in Naples”

Lara, congratulations on your silver medal. You have worked very hard. Did you expect this outcome?  

“I have worked very hard, I really hoped I could win. A competition is still a competition and it always makes you feel different emotions, I am happy about the outcome”.

The Universiade sends a message of friendship and integration. Do you believe Naples will live up to its role as the host city ? 

“The way people welcomed us and cheered us in the arena was lovely and fantastic. I got along very well with my teammates, we felt very close to each other. A real team”. 

What memories will you bring with you after this edition of the Universiade

“Because of training and competitions we did not really have time to visit Naples but tonight we are celebrating by eating some pizza in the city centre. I will always remember the incredible support from the audience”.

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