Women’s Volleyball, Italy reach the finals. Cambi: “Great supporters, let’s keep going this up” .

Italy women’s volleyball team wins 3-0 against Hungary, supported by their fans at PalaSele in Eboli, and gain access to the final match scheduled for Friday evening (July 12th), 8:30 pm, at PalaSele.

Great performance. Did you expect such a match?

“We played a great match, encouraged by the passion of Eboli’s audience, which supported us from the beginning to the end. Despite the final score, it was not easy at all against Hungary team, so we will keep playing with self-confidence”.

Are you afraid of Russia?

“We are afraid of no one because we are aware of our strength, but we should respect a rival who has reached the finals just like us. Fingers crossed and we hope to overcome the last step”.


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