“I could have achieved the 3rd position in the 200 m women’s freestyle”, the disappointment of Caponi

“Many technical mistakes penalised me at the start. Since I had to chase the others I arrived with no energy at the last part of the competition, losing the chance to win the bronze medal”.

Linda Caponi, Italian swimmer, recognises the flaws of her performance in the 200 m freestyle finals at Scandone Swimming Pool, on July 9th.  “Revising the match with my coach, I understood that I could have achieved the 3rd position in the 200 m women’s freestyle with the times I previously had in the swimming relay,” Caponi adds. She was born in 1998 and this is her second Universiade after Taipei 2017.

“In this edition, I have been able to stay among the favourite athletes. My 4th position in the 400 m freestyle preliminary led me to the semi-finals” Caponi says, referring to the qualification at Scandone Swimming Pool on July 10th.

Who are the most fearsome rivals? “The American and the Japanese teams, with no doubt”, she replies.

She is a student of Psychology University, born in Empoli and already an active member of the Carabinieri sports team. The athlete from Tuscany wishes to participate, like many, in the Tokyo Olympics and to continue working in the Italian corps team.

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