Chloe Mustaki Ireland, Captain of Ireland women’s football team after the match against RPD Korea

Interview with Chloe Mustaki,  Captain of Ireland women’s football team after the match against RPD Korea

You have done well despite the defeat, but you conceded a lot of goals. What was wrong with the match?

“We did not want to stay back. We knew they are a very good team, we played with only three at the back. We wanted to attack, we want to try and score some goals, obviously they are very good side, you know, we came together as a team six weeks ago and they are playing week in week out with each other so we did our best, once we conceded one, you know, like, they are tired, we played a lot of games in just a week so, I mean, what can I say, they are a great side.”

Did You reach your initial aims or you had different ambitions in this competition?

“Well, I would rather say, like, we only came together a few weeks ago, so we knew it was going to be tough, but I we are the fighting Irish and, you know, the goal was always to make the final and we nearly got there, it is a credit to the girls who gave absolutely everything they had and we are going to go into the match on Friday and hopefully come out with a bronze medal.”

Last question. Did you appreciate the organisation of the events you took part in and the cities you visited in Campania?

“Yeah, of course, it is great. I have never been to this part of Italy so it was beautiful. Obviously, we did not get to see much of the surroundings but I really enjoyed it. You know, I was in Taipei two years ago, it is a great experience.  Hopefully they can continue in years to come after the girls.”

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