Universiade2019, tennis: women’s doubles semi-finals, China vs Japan

With a score of 2-0 set, the Chinese tennis players Hanyu Guo and Qiuyu Ye won the semi-finals against the Japanese Kanako Morisaki and Naho Sato, on the central field of Circolo Tennis. The two winners are satisfied with their performance: at the same time, they feel ready to face the next challenge for the finals with all they have got. The venue where they played the match is, as they said, one of the most suggestive locations Naples has to offer. Moreover, one of the most exciting experiences for the athletes was the chance to live on cruise ships perfectly equipped serve as Athletes’ Village. From an agonistic point of view, the Universiade experience has been very satisfying, in a venue and a city able to host the event with passion. Tennis as a sport and Naples itself have succeeded in making this a unique experience. These are the words of the athletes at the end of the match.

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