Women’s Volleyball, Italy defeated in the finals against Russia. Nwakalor: ”It is a pity, but we are satisfied with the results achieved”

With a score of 3-1 set, Italy was defeated by Russia in the women’s volleyball finals in front of a vast audience in PalaSele. The Italian team and the Russians played neck to neck against each other, but the decisive 3rd match was lost with a score of 26-24.

Do you feel disappointed after losing the final match?

Well, I am very disappointed because we wanted to win, especially in front of such a warm and vast audience as the one in PalaSele. At the same time, we took home an important medal, an award for the results we achieved in this Universiade.”

Therefore, a positive balance after all?

Absolutely, we did an excellent work, playing a good volleyball. We would have preferred to reach the gold medal, but we are satisfied”.

Sylvia Chinelo Nwakalor, Italy

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