Pala del Mauro, USA triumphs in the Men’s basketball tournament

After the victory against Ukraine, the USA coach says: “Today our defence was perfect, we gained the upper hand during the first quarter. I think that our aggression tired them out, and this let us control the field.”

The coach continues saying that stopping opponent Pavlov was essential: they blocked his actions by pressing him, so as to prevent him from reaching the basket.

“I have already been in Italy – coach Brownell concludes – but this is my first time in Naples: it was fantastic. The hospitality was incredible and at the restaurants they gave us more food than we could eat. We are having a lot of fun.”

“I am very happy – says captain Simms – and speechless. This victory comes after a very hard week for me. I must thank my teammates. If we can reach these results, it is because we support each other to improve.”

The USA team baller praised Naples as well: “My team and I will keep this experience in our hearts. The love that the supporters are showing us inside and outside the venues is incredible and outstanding. Thank you, Naples!”

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