Pala del Mauro, USA triumphs in the Men’s basketball tournament

After the victory against Ukraine, the USA coach says: “Today our defence was perfect, we gained the upper hand during the first quarter. I think that our aggression tired them out, and this let us control the field.” The coach continues saying that stopping opponent Pavlov was essential: they blocked his actions by pressing him, […]

Gold medal for Australian basketball team in women’s finals at Palabarbuto

Shannon Seebohm, coach of the Australian women’s basketball team, led his “competitive and strong” girls, as he likes to call them, to the wonderful final match won against USA. Playing a good match from the first period to the last, strong and focused on the game, unlike their fatigued opponents who rapidly lost their concentration […]

Women’s basketball team from Portugal rises on the third step of the podium in the bronze finals at Palabarbuto

“The secret of our victory at the bronze finals? We played defense and put all our energy, heart and talent into this challenge”. Ricardo Vasconcelos, head coach of the Portuguese women’s basketball team which, on July 10th, seized the bronze medal during the final against Japan at Fuorigrotta’s Palabarbuto, has no doubt about it. “The […]

Riccardo Visconti on the basketball Quarter Finals VS Germany that wins 65-78

We witnessed a very though match against Germany today but we really enjoyed watching you guys, you played at your best. Any comments on today’s opponents? “They were great, the audience was also very supportive. We certainly made our mistakes but they have been very valid opponents. They were strategically very aggressive. Congratulations to them, […]