Rugby finals: Japan rules the game with a double gold

July 7th, rugby finals: Japan rules the game by winning a double gold in both men’s and women’s tournaments. The French team seized the bottom spot on the podium for the men’s category, whereas the women’s spot is occupied by the defending champions from Russia. Interview with two of the protagonists. Women’s gold winner: Japan […]

Interview with Diego Saccà, head coach of the Italian women’s rugby sevens team for the 2019 Universiade

“The field of play always tells the truth, besides luck or misfortune, and its verdict is clear. Yesterday’s result tells us we have to do more and better in order to compete at the same level of France and South Africa, two of the strongest top-tier teams in women’s rugby sevens for this tournament.” Diego […]

“Facing rivals is not hard but wonderful for us, because here we meet different cultures and people”, says Laura Jimena Aliotti, Argentinian rugby player

“This experience gave us so much. Being here for our first Universiade is very exciting, we have improved and we are now more united as a team and aware of our role. Facing rivals was not so hard but wonderful for us, because here we meet different cultures and people”. Therefore, it is not a […]

“Maradona is everywhere here in Naples”, says Argentinian rugby player Carlos Gonzalez, advancing to the semifinal with the “Albiceleste” team

“This Universiade is the greatest experience ever, the best of my life, even more so than the World Cup in Namibia. I do not know if it is the atmosphere, or the air that we breathe, or the warmth of the people of Naples, but this is without a doubt the most exciting competition ever”. […]

Japan reaches semi-finals and aims to the gold medal in the women’s rugby sevens, interview with the coach Hitoshi Inada

“Playing here is not easy. We are not used to this hot weather, but we are doing our best and will continue this way because we want the gold medal.” Hitoshi Inada is the head coach of women’s rugby sevens team in 2019 Universiade. He is at least as ambitious as his fierce athletes in […]