Silver medal in the Taekwondo -68 kg category, Belgian Ketbi establishes himself in this Universiade

“This is the second Universiade for me after Taipei 2017. Compared to two years ago, the only difference is the distance between the structures and the venues, as well as the fragmentation of the matches and competitions on the territory. Sports come from various places. For the rest, I like the organisation and I had […]

53 years of Taekwondo in Italy through ups and downs, according to grandmaster Park Young Ghil

Park Young Ghil, a black belt (9th dan), one of the greatest Taekwondo masters in the world and the honorary president of FITA (Italian Taekwondo Federation) as well, is the man who officially introduced this sport to Italy in 1966. “I started in Rome one year after my arrival, in 1967, then I moved to […]

“I am happy with silver”, the satisfaction of Egyptian athlete Eissa in Taekwondo

“I have lost the Men’s 80 kg final at the golden point (an overtime round held when a match finishes in a tie), but I am still happy, because God granted me the silver medal”. Seif Eissa thanks even Allah for the second place on the Taekwondo podium, conquered in the afternoon of July 9th […]

“No one has been excluded in this Universiade”, Rosolino welcomes the renovation of Palacasoria, venue for Taekwondo

“It is amazing and exciting to see an abandoned sport venue such as the one in Casoria coming back to life after 10 years: just like in the case of the Scandone swimming pool, now provided with a new pool, and the one in Mostra d’Oltremare. All this is an inspiration to do more and […]

“The atmosphere is always full of passion here in Naples”: Simone Crescenzi tells his Universiade in Taekwondo

“The match against Ukraine went well, I managed to score a win at the golden point; the South Korean athlete, on the other hand, put an end to my 2019 Universiade, just like it happened two years ago against the Brazilian athlete who took the medal in Taipei”. Simone Crescenzi’s Universiade stops at the eight-finals […]