Circolo Tennis, China on the podium again

With a score of 6-7/6-2/1-0, Chinese tennis players Hanyu Guo and Qiuyu Ye reach the gold medal in Women’s doubles. The two athletes revealed to taking inspiration from Chinese champion Li Na. Expressing their happiness for the victory, they said they want to celebrate in their Country with friends and relatives. The girls said to […]

Anton Bulaev seizes the gold in Men’s individual compound

“All matches are important and it always feels nice to win: this final, however, felt even more important, mostly because my opponent was reallt good”. Anton Bulaev, gold medal in the Men’s individual compound, is satisfied with the achieved result in his second Universiade after Taipei 2017. “I am going to participate in just one […]

Gold medal for Maya Andrea Becerra Arzigaga in Women’s compound archery

“I wanted to win, but I did not expect I could really achieve my aim, and above all to defeat a South Korean, one of the best athletes in the world. I respect all my rivals in today’s competition, especially the whole team from South Korea, one of the strongest in this sport, a discipline […]

“The Universiade is like a great celebration of students” to South Korean So Chaewon, gold medal in compound

“The Universiade is like a great celebration of students from all over the world, a sports festival in which we are proud to compete and win for our own country and universities”. South Korean So Chaewon, winner of a gold medal together with fellow countrywoman Kim Yunhee in Women’s team compound archery, has no doubt […]

After the Universiade there are the Pan-American games for the Mexican archery bronze medallists

“Our shots were better than those of our American rivals and we played better than the other days, especially compared to the semi-final which we lost against Iran.” The archery Mexicans settled for the bronze medal in the final for the 3rd position, which took place on July 12th in the garden in front of […]