Team Settebello heads to the finals, Di Martire: “I have never seen Scandone like this”

Massimo Di Martire after winning the waterpolo semi-final against Russia, with a score of 14 – 6: “It was an incomparable feeling. I have never seen Scandone so full of people. Perhaps the only time was during the Europa Cup final when team Posillipo won, but since I was playing an away game I was […]

Anton Bulaev seizes the gold in Men’s individual compound

“All matches are important and it always feels nice to win: this final, however, felt even more important, mostly because my opponent was reallt good”. Anton Bulaev, gold medal in the Men’s individual compound, is satisfied with the achieved result in his second Universiade after Taipei 2017. “I am going to participate in just one […]

Sadi Ismailov seizes bronze in table tennis, a Russian surprise at Palatrincone

“The Universiade is an opportunity to represent your Country or your city, and also to fight for them, in a way”. National pride grows even more, then, when you reach the final stages of a sport ruled entirely by China in the current edition of the Universiade: table tennis. The sole European among a multitude […]

Women’s Italian water polo team at quarters with four victories, Millo: “Now we can start talking about medals”

“We do not like easy wins”, says Giulia Millo, attacker of the Italian team, after winning with a score of 9-8 against Russia: after 4 victories in 4 matches, the Italian players were able to set the record in round B of the Women’s water polo tournament at Napoli 2019. “We were winning 7-3 and […]

Captain of the Russian water polo team Stepakhina: “We are happy for the first place, now we will visit Naples”

Svetlana Stepakhina, goalkeeper and captain of the Russian water polo team, after the success over China and having achieved the first position in the group B, says: “We won two matches, two important results for our team, but the tournament has just begun. Now we are tired and we want to return to the hotel […]